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What goes on in the mind of your Personal Trainer

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If you are serious about getting your health back on the right track, hiring a personal trainer in Carnegie is one of the most intelligent steps you can take. Having someone beside you every step of the way will encourage you and help sustain all your gains to experience long-term effects.

Since a trainer is a trained expert on health and fitness, you can be assured that everything you do will be scientific. It’s essential to have a proven process for your workouts since you will be investing a substantial amount of your time, effort, and finances.

Since different clients come from all kinds of starting points in the wellness journey, you may be wondering what trainers think about during their sessions. If you are a client, you may be conscious of how you look, so you might be wondering if coaches are judging you. Here are some of the things inside personal trainers’ minds when they workout with you:

“It’s not an issue with me if you are sweaty.”

Your personal trainers know first-hand how it feels to work out. Remember, they were once in your shoes. Everyone starts from step one. They may look great right now, but they were not always like this. It also took them years and years of hard work, perseverance, and patience. 

So, they do not have issues with you sweating and not looking your best. In fact, they will appreciate your efforts because they know you are stepping out of your comfort zone and making yourself vulnerable. Such courage will even earn their respect and admiration.

“I care more about your form than how much weight you can carry.”

Your fitness is a personal endeavor. Therefore, you only have to think about your individual situation so you can take your time. Progress is not a race, so just enjoy the process as you are not competing against anyone else. There is no need to hurry with adding more weight to what you can lift at the moment or perform more reps in that AMRAP workout.

In working out, doing it the right way and in the correct form is more important than adding more wights quickly. Your trainer wants you to nail the fundamental forms first since they will be the basis for your progress later. 

If your trainer seems like a non-compromising perfectionist and constantly corrects your form, don’t take it personal, it is for your own good. If they do not teach you the correct way of exercising in the beginning, it will potentially lead to injuries as you start progressing to heavier weights. Most, if not all, of the form and techniques you are taught, are valuable movement patterns to live a pain free life.

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Athletic man and woman with a dumbbells training and practicing in gym. Concept of sport, healthy lifestyle, wellbeing.

“I am not married to the number of reps I ask you to do.”

When a coach asks you to do workouts with different repetitions, they can adjust these depending on your body’s response to the weight you are lifting. If you are having too much of a hard time, it may lead to injuries. So, they will not hesitate to lessen the load or decrease the repetitions.

Meanwhile, if you are not even breaking a sweat, they will definitely increase the difficulty level. Just keep in mind that they are not doing this to punish you. Personal trainers do not delight in giving you a hard time just for the sake of seeing you suffer. The aim is always to see to it that every session will get you closer to your fitness goals.

What this means is that you have to trust your coach. As an expert, they see and know things you are not aware of yet. They know best how the body works, so they will ask you to do something that might push you beyond what you perceive is your limit. When you trust them, you will even surprise yourself because you will discover that you are even stronger than you think. This will lead to feeling more confident in yourself and your abilities. A good trainer will not ask you to do something she/he does not think you are capable of doing.

“Your comfort is not my primary concern.”

A personal trainer cares primarily about your holistic progress. In the field of exercise, progressing means stepping out of your comfort zones and providing a progressive over load to develop your muscles. So it would be natural to expect a certain amount of discomfort when you work out. If you continue to workout with the same load / rep scheme, you will not see the true benefits of the training session as your body will adapt. For your muscles to grow or get stronger, they need to be progressively pushed. This is one reason your trainer will continually invite you to try a heavier weight or to push out another couple of reps.

Since people who are just starting with resistance or weight training are instituting considerable lifestyle changes, there will be physical resistance to new techniques and stimulus. Rest assured, as you challenge yourself your body will also adapt. 

The role of your personal trainer is to create a program that you can execute so that you can be a healthier individual. But this also does not mean that they will pressure you to the point of exhaustion. Not all workouts are designed to leaving you feeling like you have been hit by a truck! A great trainer will periodise your training with specific monthly goals which will allow your body to build and adapt accordingly, as well as program lighter, not so intense workouts, to allow your body some time for recovery. There is a healthy way to give you challenging workouts, and personal trainers know how to balance everything.