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Ways to conquer your fear of Personal Training

Athletic man and woman with a dumbbells

It is natural for people who are not used to working out to be intimidated by the gym or the local fitness studio. Aside from this, some find the thought of a personal trainer looking at your every move, examining if you are doing everything right, is just too much pressure. 

Many people feel this way. The gym indeed has lots of fit people; they just seem to know a lot about exercise. The first step is always hard for people who are just starting their health and wellness journey.

But remember, the gym is precisely there for people who want to get fit. You may not notice it immediately, but there is a variety of people with different levels of fitness. There are experts, true. But there are people inside who are struggling as well. You do not need to be intimidated as you are in the right place.

Besides, people inside the facility are more helpful than you think. Many of them started with body or self-esteem issues as well, so they know what you are going through. It may seem like they may be watching you or scrutinizing your every move, but this is inaccurate. People inside the gym are focused on their own programs and their own progress.

One reliable way to start on your road to wellness is engaging with a personal trainer in Bentleigh East. You do not need to be afraid of them because they are trained to help beginners like you. They understand how you might be feeling, and they will give you the encouragement you need.

If you are intimidated by the thought of hiring a personal trainer, here are some reminders:

They want to help you, not judge you.

These are professionals who are passionate about fitness. When they know that a person is eager to be better, they will sincerely exert effort to achieve your goals. Since they know how important health is, they will even be inspired because you are taking the necessary steps to be better. 

Most personal trainers also treat their clients not just as customers but as friends. So it is a relationship that they also wish to nurture. As such, they are also eager to build trust and confidence in their interactions with you.

In addition, they will be more than willing to help you, not just inside the gym. Personal trainers will also help you with the necessary lifestyle changes that you need to make. Do you need help with your diet? How much sleep are you getting? Are you under a lot of stress? 

Personal trainers will systematically help you and meet you where you are, according to your fitness level. 

While there are long-term packages with trainers so you can commit to a new lifestyle, you can try it out first. The good thing about it is that you can get a feel of the facility and the trainer first if you are comfortable. If you think it doesn’t feel right, you can choose to transfer to a new gym or get a new personal trainer.

As with any lifestyle change, you must think of it one step at a time, take it day by day. No one will pressure you to commit to things you are not yet ready for. But in the same vein, since they want you to succeed in the long run, trainers will also ask you to decide when you are ready.)

Be honest with your trainer and tell them your fears.

Since fitness coaches have undergone different training and have handled a lot of people already, you can be honest with them. They will be able to answer not just questions about exercise; they are also equipped to handle issues that you may have. On your first interview or consult with a prospective personal trainer, try to give as much information about your current and past health as you can. The more information you can give, the better equipped the trainer will be to assist you. 

When you are honest with them, trainers will know how to help you specifically. They will not be annoyed by your honesty. It will even be a welcome help for them because they do not need to read between the lines anymore. When you are upfront with them, they will know how to handle your workouts and the kind of load they will give you.

Honesty is a hallmark of a trainer-client relationship. It would be best if you were honest with your trainer about your opinions on your sessions so they will know how to adjust. Also, the coach will be honest with you when they think you can still do better or you need to push yourself further.

Know that whenever they encourage you to go further, it is always based on their belief in you. Coaches see that you are capable of more, so they will help you realize that you can be stronger than you currently feel.

Bring a friend or family.

It is always a fun idea to bring someone you are comfortable with. When you bring a close friend or a family member, they can help you be more at ease. Their presence alone will give you the boost you need because you know that you are not doing it alone. 

Another advantage of such a step is that someone will be there to encourage you to commit to the betterment of your health. As someone who loves and believes in you, your family and friends can provide you with the inspiration that you need.

So, go on and talk to a personal trainer. You will not regret it.