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The Top Characteristics to Find When Hiring a Personal Trainer

Andrea Assistant Trainer

Whether you are a beginner or a gym rat, you should always be open to receiving professional advice and coaching. It is nearly guaranteed that if you have a personal trainer at your side, you will achieve all of your fitness goals. Besides, hiring a personal trainer in Carnegie will act like having a gym buddy by your side throughout your fitness journey. 

Moreover, if you aim to gain huge muscles or lose a lot of weight, having a personal trainer will set up a personalized routine or schedule for you to reach success. However, finding a dependable and trustworthy personal trainer who will not squander your time and money can be extremely challenging. With that, here are some of the top characteristics you need to take note of when finding your ideal personal trainer to help you out: 

The characteristics you should look for in a personal trainer: 

While it will be tricky to find the best personal trainer out there, we will make it possible. Furthermore, if you pay attention to the below characteristics, the chances of you finding a professional you will develop a long-term fitness habit with will exponentially increase. 

#1 Experience 

You have to remember that most personal trainers specialize in one or more areas. This may mean sports training, strength and conditioning, or even bodybuilding. Therefore, before you even go searching for the most seasoned trainer, you must first determine your ultimate goal. 

For instance, you may be looking for the proper training to prepare you for a running marathon or bodybuilding contest. 

Moreover, you have to take it upon yourself to inquire about the experiences of your potential trainers so you can determine whether they will align with your goals.


#2 Credentials

Next, you should also know about the certifications of your trainer. Your personal trainer should be qualified at the very least. Moreover, they must pass a test administered by an authorized organization in your location. Checking these credentials will assure you that they have met specific professional and competency criteria set by a reputable organization.

Although it is not necessary that they have a bachelor’s degree, they must at least prove that they have the needed credentials in relation to sports medicine, exercise science, and even physical education. It is also vitally important that they are suitably insured in the unlikely event of an accident which may cause loss of income or high medical costs.

#3 Compatibility 

Compatibility is also a significant factor in this process. Every personal trainer has a distinct mode of teaching and personality traits. Therefore, you should aim to work with a trainer with whom you have excellent professional chemistry. Some trainers offer single session packages to help you determine if the personal trainer fits your personality. Most trainers also have a niche client persona they work with. This ensures they are fully aware and ready for that persons needs and general goals. Its important to find a trainer who’s niche matches you.

#4 Commitment 

If you are actively seeking a personal trainer, this may mean that you lack commitment when it comes to your routine. Therefore, you have to find a seasoned professional who is a hundred times more committed than you are. To add to that, he or she should already have an established fitness habit if your goal is to make exercise a regular routine. 

Remember that we all have goals of our own. This means that if you want to reach your fitness objectives, your personal trainer should be working toward their own as well. Ultimately, you have to know if your trainer is regularly exercising and has a healthy lifestyle before you start applying his or her advice.

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#5 Has a reputation for being motivational 
We all know that to reach a certain level of success in anything, you need to have motivation. In fact, motivation is also a muscle you should work on every day because you will have good and bad days in the gym. With that said, you have to find a personal trainer whom people know as an overall motivated person. 

Moreover, having someone who will push you on the days when you are feeling too tired or unmotivated will be greatly beneficial. In return, you’ll breeze through all of your workouts and achieve the results you’ve always desired.

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#6 Philosophy 
Fitness is not all about the number of reps you can do or the weight you can carry. While these are all good signs of progress, true progress can be observed in the shift of mindset. Your personal trainer will most likely be with you throughout your entire fitness journey. Therefore, you should have someone who can pass you valuable wisdom you can carry even outside the gym. 

Furthermore, it is always a good idea to get a sense of a trainer’s approach to fitness before deciding if his or her strategies and techniques are right for you. You should know about the beliefs or thinking your personal trainer has before getting to know him further. 

#7 Good communication skills 
Communication skills are beneficial in all parts of life, from work to personal life and everything in between. Since you will be talking with your personal trainer often, you should find someone who has excellent communication skills. Moreover, your personal trainer must be able to properly communicate instructions and information to you in the style that works for you. Add to that, he or she must be good at inspiring you to become the best version of yourself. 

All in all, you should find someone you can trust with all your fitness goals. Keep in mind that you will be spending a lot of time with your personal trainer. Therefore, it is imperative that you hire someone you can express all your feelings to. Also, your personal trainer should have the skills to inspire and motivate you, so choose someone who has a great and influential mindset.