MoveWell Health and Fitness


HeartBurn (cardio)


 As the name suggests, a workout that really gets the heart going. The ultimate outdoor training session for building maximum cardiovascular fitness, burning calories and increasing endurance. This session ensures massive cardio variety using different terrain, hiit, intervals, buddy cardio and cross training – catering for the first time exerciser to the super fit and marathon runner.

LiftWell (Strength &

The ideal full body resistance training and muscle sculpting workout. LiftWell is designed to improve muscular condition and endurance, improve body shape and postural stability. Improving lean muscle mass is an essential aspect of fitness in any successful training program.

MOVEstrong (ask about when our next program starts) (Strength)

MoveStrong Training Classes

An empowering session designed to build strength using our 4 main movement patterns. Squat, hinge, press and pull. Utilizing various forms of resistance this session allows you to track & progress your strength over a 4-week progression of increased weights. A proven program that not only improves your strength, it slows the onset of chronic disease like osteoarthritis, improves your self-confidence, improves your bone mass density and helps increase your lean muscle mass.

Guaranteed to leave you feeling full of confidence from your very first week!

BoxWell (Box fit)

BoxWell Session

An empowering cardio and strength workout combining boxing, kicking and self defense techniques. Punch, kick and jab your way through a fun and highly motivating session that will burn calories and improve your fitness , build strength and leave you with a healthy sense of achievement – no boxing experience required.

HiiTWell (HiiT)

HIIT Training

Our High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT) sessions will get your heart pumping. These sessions incorporate repeated, short bursts, of high intensity exercise, alternating with rest periods. Our HiiT sessions are exciting and energizing workouts, helping you to burn calories and increase metabolism long after the session is finished. Do one, and you won’t want to wait for your next HiiTWell fitness session.

BurnWell (Met Con)

YBell Training Session

Our BurnWell (Met Con) with YBells sessions will get your heart pumping while strengthening every muscle in your body. These sessions incorporate repeated big compound movements ensuring your heart is racing and you get a full body muscular workout. Our BurnWell sessions are exciting and energizing workouts, helping you to burn calories, build full body lean muscle mass and improve your fitness . A time efficient workout for maximum results

FlexWell (Mobility & flexibility)

FlexWell Training Session

A dynamic mobility, flexibility & strength session enhancing core strength and flexibility. Inspired by yoga & Pilates moves with a mix of strength moves to spice things up, this session will provide postural strength, aid injury prevention, flexibility, balance, clear the mind and relieve stress.