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Let us share in your journey to fitness with personal training in Murrumbeena that will help you achieve the kind of results you have been looking for. As the largest and most established personal training centre for over 35’s in the Murrumbeena area, MoveWell Health & Fitness are the personal trainers who can help you to achieve a new and healthier lifestyle.

MoveWell Fitness Trainers

About our personal trainers in Murrumbeena, VIC

Head personal trainer Jason understands the kind of commitment it takes to reach your personal fitness goals and with multiple certifications in health and fitness, which include women’s health, pre and post-natal fitness, and working with fitness for older adults, Jason is the man who can get you to where you want to be. For personal training in Murrumbeena that will not only help you to achieve your fitness goals, but bring you a lifestyle that is more focused on health and wellness, maybe it’s time to start moving well and begin your journey to a better life.  

Helping to embrace the entirety of a healthy lifestyle, Registered Nurse and personal trainer Kirsty has a focus on meditation, mindfullness, and compassion-focused therapy to bring to the MoveWell training group. TranqWell online group sessions are available on Wednesday evenings to help balance out your training regime, encompassing a holistic approach to health and fitness that takes in the mind as well as the body in your training plan. 

Our personal training style

We work hard to build up your local friendship network within our personal training sessions to help cement fitness and well-being as part of your active and social lifestyle. Our goal is to build a fun and friendly community of local people who share a common interest in fitness, regardless of their individual health goals. Our personal training in Murrumbeena is the kind that will help to guide you on your fitness journey. We understand how difficult it can be to begin a new training regime and by incorporating a little more fun into our sessions, we aim to reduce that pressure and help you assimilate to a healthier lifestyle while finding new friends and having some fun too.

That being said the road to personal fitness is not always easy, so along with the fun and friendly environment you will be training in, our personal training in Murrumbeena will push you just enough to help you reach the next level in your personal training sessions. We want you to move well and engage actively in a healthier lifestyle and we will work with you to ensure that you can reach your personal fitness goals.

Outdoor Fitness Training Classes

Online Training Now Available

For those who have a preferred workout space already designated or prefer not to work out in a group setting, we now offer personal training online. Let our trainers help you develop a training regime that will work for you in a space that you enjoy. Attend a trial session in person today or book an online session with our qualified team and see how our personal training in Murrumbeena can work for you.

Both of our locations are situated within two to five minutes from Murrumbeena. Our outdoor sessions are held just across Poath Road at Argyle Reserve and our indoor studio is located on North Road, just at the end of Poath Road.