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Begin your journey to a life of health and wellness with our personal training in Carnegie, VIC. As a leading provider of personal training for over 35’s in the Carnegie area, MoveWell Health and Fitness prides itself on helping our local residents to achieve their fitness goals in a fun and friendly environment where we can build community while we build strength.

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Fitness Training with the best

Head personal trainer in Carnegie, Jason offers years of experience in sporting participation backed by certifications in fitness, one-to-one training, first aid and much more. Jason is certified both in women’s health areas as well as pre and post-natal fitness to ensure that he can provide a well-rounded personal training experience to both men and women alike. Jason encourages his clients to engage in group activities as he knows how much people can benefit from participating in social training, which makes his personal training in Carnegie some of the most effective in the Eastern suburbs.

Joined by Kirsty, our wellness trainer and Registered Nurse, the MoveWell Health and Fitness team can provide a well-rounded and balanced fitness regime that not only focuses on the body, but on the mind as well. Kirsty practises mindfullness, meditation, and self-compassion in her TranqWell online classes on a Wednesday evening, which help training clients in Carnegie to de-stress and focus on their mental well-being in addition to the physical fitness.

Make new friends in an active setting

Our personal trainers in Carnegie is focused on bringing the community together, joining them through shared goals relating to health and fitness. We encourage our training clients to bond with other local residents who share the healthy lifestyle mindset, which creates a supportive and strong community of people who are focused on achieving a healthier and more active lifestyle. We pride ourselves on providing personal training in Carnegie that is fun and friendly, as we know that shared goals in fitness are often reached much faster than individual goals.

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Let us be your guides to Personal Training in Carnegie

Our personal trainer in Carnegie is here to guide you on your journey to fitness and will be by your side, every step of the way, to ensure that you reach your goals in moving well. Your success is our success too and we will push you to go that little bit further and to achieve just a little bit more in every training session. We combine fun and hard work in all our sessions so that we can help you to achieve your goals in a friendly and motivated environment.

Our personal trainers now also offer the option of online personal training for those who prefer not to engage in our face to face private training in Carnegie. Maybe you have a preferred work out space already, or you have equipment at home that you are comfortable using. Our trainers are able to assist you in creating a fitness plan that will work for you, no matter how you choose to train. Let our personal trainers team and MoveWell Health & Fitness work with you to achieve that kind of health and well-being that you can be proud of.

Both of our locations are within 5-10min from Carnegie VIC. Our outdoor sessions are at Argyle Reserve Poath Road and our indoor studio is located on North Road, just at the end of Poath Road.