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Movewell’s First Birthday!

MoveWell Health and Fitness

It’s 12 months today since I broke from the chains of a restrictive franchise model and decided to go it alone, launching MoveWell Health and Fitness. Let’s just say it’s been an amazing 12 months!

Who would have thought, the week after MW was launched, we would have 5-6 months of various levels of lockdown due to that virus, with it a whole lot of uncertainty moving forward.

12 months later, here we are bigger and better than ever. Not only do we have an amazing green reserve for outdoor training, we also have a brand new indoor studio.

One of the main reasons MW has worked and grown is due to you all. My members, past and present. Without you amazing people none of this would have happened. Yes, we had to train online via Zoom for a while. That came with its own challenges! However you all stuck with it and stayed motivated and sane through those tough months.

Movewell Health and Fitness Team

So here we are now, 12 months down the track. New focus, some new toys to play with, a new space to train in and plenty of fresh exciting times to come!

Thank you all for coming on this journey with me and I look forward to watching and guiding you all through the next phase of your health and fitness!

Movewell Health and Fitness

Stay strong.

Your Health in Focus.