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Lifting stuff = everyday life


Have you ever wondered why we trainers get you to perform all these varied types of moves? Dead lifts, squats, push ups, sit ups……. The list is endless! There are many reasons for us to move in different patterns and planes. And guess what, nearly always the moves we trainers get you to perform simulate in some way a move or action you will perform in any given day! Now way, I hear you say. Yes way, I say back.

Let’s take a look at some everyday moves and look at what exercise may complement it.

1. Picking up and moving a heavy couch.

Yep, how many times have you and your partner rearranged the lounge room and had to get at both ends of the couch, lift it up and move it?

So how did you lift it. You moved to a side of the couch with your legs quite close to it. You bent down and grasped the couch underneath it. Hopefully your legs were bent! You then drove force through your legs as you stood up straight. You then moved the couch to the new position and did the reverse of the above carefully lowering the couch in the new position. More than likely you had to do this a number of times until it was in the right position. Does any of that sound familiar?…… You guessed it. You performed a Dead Lift.

Another example of performing a Dead Lift when you didn’t even know it was. Picking up your child. Yep, you squat / bend down to place your hands under their armpits, then stand up lifting your child. Presto…. A Dead Lift!

2. How many times a day do you sit down on a chair, bench or toilet? Yep, you are performing a Squat. What position do many people sit in when doing gardening or any form of ground height activity. The deep squat hold. It is commonly thought that we all should be able to sit comfortably in the deep squat position for up to 5min each day. Watch your small children, without any effort at all they can get themselves into a deep squat position, with their back perfectly straight, and simply stand up. Usually performing a perfect Squat. The squat movement pattern, along with the above Dead Lift, are arguably two of the most important movement patterns to master.

3. Ok, how many of you have had to push something heavy like a fridge or washing machine to another position?. Or ward off with a push someone or something that is getting a little to close for comfort! Yep, all of us. What are we performing…..a push up or chest press. Yep push ups are a basic life skill! Now when we are pushing something heavy away, do we have our elbows up in the air out from our shoulders, no. So why when many people perform a push up, that is where they instantly place their elbows? It’s not the natural position is it?

4. Right, let’s get a little more obscure. How many of us have kitchens with high cupboards where we have had to carefully place up or take out something, or have travelled on a plane and have had to grab your over weight carry on baggage out of the over head locker? Sometimes having to hold that over weight carry on bag in the air for fear of dropping on the person next to you? Guess what, you are performing a shoulder press and or a loaded over head static hold or carry. Sound familiar from a training session you may have completed in the last week or so?

5. Without going into too much detail. How do you get out of bed every morning? Yep, you perform some sort of core / abs move. WOW who would have thought that the sit ups, Russian twists and Turkish get ups us trainers get you to perform would have a use in life!

So yes, nearly every move we prescribe for you in your training session has a purpose in assisting you with your day to day life making it easier and hopefully pain free. Now I’ve only touched the surface with this. I just want you all to be assured that what we prescribe in our sessions for you has been planned and well thought out to assist YOU live a long and health life.

Your Health in Focus,