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Good And Bad Traits of Personal Trainers

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If you are looking to improve your health, feel more confident, live pain free and build lasting fitness habits, it is always best to consult professionals. You may opt to choose MoveWell Health and Fitness the number one personal training in Carnegie as they specialize in helping people reach their goals.

But just like in any profession there are good and bad apples. That is why it is crucial to choose gyms and personal trainers who have a proven track record with their clients. You do not want to end up wasting your hard-earned money or precious time with the wrong people. So, it is important that you ask around first and read reviews online. Also, pick up the phone and speak with the PT or arrange a meeting to discuss what you are looking for and to get a gut feeling if you believe you will be a good fit. No pun intended. 😊

But what are the qualities of a good fitness coach? How can one tell if a trainer is incompetent? We have prepared this list to help you assess the good and the bad.

Education and certifications

A good personal trainer will be able to show you that s/he has undergone formal education and certifications from reputable schools and organizations. Remember, changes and developments happen quickly in the field of sports science. So, your personal trainer must be willing to continuously add to his/her knowledge so you will be aware of the latest innovations when it comes to fitness.

If your trainer only points to what s/he has watched online or read on the Internet, this is not a good sign. If s/he pushes you to follow unfounded fitness trends or crash diets, do not trust him/her. A true coach will always give research-backed advice and tips.

Remember, we are dealing with your body and your health here, so this is not a small matter. You have to make sure that the coach you hire has adequate knowledge. If you have doubts, then just choose another one.


What a responsible coach will do is talk to you in the beginning. S/he will assess your skills and fitness level. Also, s/he will ask you what your goals are. These will be the basis for creating a science-based program for your workouts. 

A trained coach will explain the timelines that you will be looking at, as well as the kinds of exercises you will do. As you can see, a good coach will not only have a detailed plan for you, s/he will also guide you through the process. If you have questions, your coach will also patiently answer them.

However, if your trainer does not even bother to check your fitness level, this is a cause of concern. Some bad coaches assume they already know about their clients, so they will jump right into giving exercises. Obviously, this is not a wise strategy as there is a possibility that you could get injured.


Under the guidance of a top-notch personal trainer, you will see major improvements faster. There is no magic formula here. The reason for this is because a good one will make sure that s/he is focused on your every move. When a coach sees that your form could use some improvement, s/he will tell you right away and will demonstrate how to do it properly. Since this is not easy, expect him/her to show you compassion and patience. Coaches who have been in the industry for a long time have already seen people with various levels of athleticism. So, they know how to effectively handle and teach anyone.

(Remove this paragraph You will also observe that they keep their eyes on you and know how many repetitions you have done already. You will not be able to cheat focused trainers.) 

Meanwhile, an irresponsible trainer will not even bother to look at you constantly when you do the exercises. Some are too focused on their mobile phones that you do not know any more if they are busy texting someone else, playing games, or recording your workouts.

This is a major red flag. If this happens only once or twice, you could talk to him/her. Maybe there are emergencies s/he needs to take care of and it’s not a good day for him/her. However, if this is already a pattern and if you see him do this with other clients as well, it would be better to hire somebody else.

Remember, you are paying the trainer to focus on you, not other distractions.


A competent personal trainer will faithfully record your progress. In fact, s/he will celebrate with you even for what seems like small progress. This is because the coach knows what kind of effort and self-control you have been showing. S/he is deeply involved in seeing you grow and mature in your fitness journey.

You would also know that you are being coached by someone good if s/he knows the balance of when to motivate and push you and when to allow you some rest. A true professional knows your limits because s/he is mindful of your starting point and end goal. Yes, you will feel some pressure, but it is of the good kind.

Meanwhile, a bad coach would always want you to improve quickly even at a pace that’s not realistic for your own skillset. Often, they also resort to pushing you too hard or even shaming you when you do not obey their commands. This is a sign of a toxic coach-client relationship.

This is the reality about personal trainers and gyms. It’s best to be aware of these traits early on so you can make the right fitness decisions. If you need further help, the team at MoveWell Health and Fitness, the number one personal training in Carnegie will be able to assist you.