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Changing times

Changing times

Hey guys. What an interesting time we are living in at the moment. We are all making sacrifices and changing the way we go about day to day business. Here at MoveWell Health and Fitness, we have led the way by offering virtual sessions online before we were forced to stop offering outdoor group sessions. For the safety of you all and us we believed this was to most responsible thing to do. 

We all need to maintain healthy, both physically and mentally. Many people are talking about cabin fever. Staying indoors for lengthy periods of time can and will get to us all. Please try to make some time to move and get outdoors. Walk around the block with your family, while we are still allowed to, do some gardening, wash the cars. Engage in some form of online physical training similar to what we are now offering. There are many social media outlets that are offering a mix of online workouts covering all facets of health and fitness.

Your health in focus,