Here’s Why a Personal Trainer is Key to Achieving Your Fitness Goals

Personal Trainer

It’s a question most beginner to elite fitness enthusiasts have. They ask themselves, “Do I need a personal trainer?” If you’re serious about achieving your fitness goals, then the answer to that question is a resounding yes. Many people tend to make new years resolutions or suggest to themselves “I need lose weight and get […]

Movewell’s First Birthday!

MoveWell Health and Fitness

It’s 12 months today since I broke from the chains of a restrictive franchise model and decided to go it alone, launching MoveWell Health and Fitness. Let’s just say it’s been an amazing 12 months! Who would have thought, the week after MW was launched, we would have 5-6 months of various levels of lockdown […]

Postnatal Exercise: What You Need to Know

Postnatal Exercise

Postnatal exercise can feel quite intimidating, regardless of your fitness levels before you gave birth. Yes, you’ve introduced a baby to the world: proof that your body is capable of doing amazing things. But getting back into fitness is one of those things that require careful planning and preparation, especially after having a baby. In […]

The Truth About Weight Loss: What You Need to Know

Personal Weight Loss Training

The fitness industry is riddled with half-baked information and pushy marketing, which is making it difficult for beginners to achieve their goals. This is especially true with weight loss where many experts claim to have trimmed their waistline by drinking “lemon tea” or eating “quinoa” taking special shakes, detoxing etc. This is a huge problem, […]

Lifting stuff = everyday life


Have you ever wondered why we trainers get you to perform all these varied types of moves? Dead lifts, squats, push ups, sit ups……. The list is endless! There are many reasons for us to move in different patterns and planes. And guess what, nearly always the moves we trainers get you to perform simulate […]

Women and men are different. women’s health in focus.

Womens Health

Yep,  you heard it here, women and men are different. How? I hear you ask. I did in fact get it that we are different, however not to the true extent we are! The brief info I am going to share with you now I learnt at a webinar I attended during the week by […]

Changing times

Changing times

Hey guys. What an interesting time we are living in at the moment. We are all making sacrifices and changing the way we go about day to day business. Here at MoveWell Health and Fitness, we have led the way by offering virtual sessions online before we were forced to stop offering outdoor group sessions. […]