Protein Needs After 50: Building and Maintaining Muscle with Age

It is an unavoidable fact of life that we start losing muscle mass as we age. Rates vary for several reasons, but most people typically lose 3-5% of their muscles every decade after age thirty. However, that’s not to say we must sit back and watch our gradual decline. We can do many things to […]

Fitness Training for Chronic Conditions

Those people who are unfortunate enough to be burdened with chronic illnesses may struggle to exercise for a variety of reasons, not least of them the mental fortitude and determination it takes to move around when you don’t feel good or experience pain. Yet, despite the challenges and discomfort, health and fitness are not unachievable […]

Overcoming Plateaus in Fitness Training

The human body is a remarkable, adaptable thing that can give us cause for great hope and aspirations regarding our fitness regimes and improving our overall strength and physiques. However, that ability to adjust to the new ‘normal’ quickly and efficiently can also lead to another less satisfying side effect once we start exercising and […]

Stress Management Through Exercise: How Personal Training Can Help

When you’re stressed, exercise may be the furthest thing from your mind. However, exercising can help significantly reduce stress and help raise your overall mental and physical health levels. Read on to see the benefits of exercise for stress relief and how to best manage your time and workouts wisely to get the most out […]

Adaptive Workouts: Fitness Training for Individuals with Disabilities

Individuals with disabilities often must turn to physical therapy to help with exercise, but this can be costly and limiting. However, another option has recently taken off—adaptive fitness. This type of fitness is explicitly geared towards people with disabilities. These disabilities can range from physical and mental ailments, and there is no “one-size-fits-all” answer when […]

Functional Fitness: Training for Everyday Activities and Movements

Fitness doesn’t always have to mean putting on your running shoes and heading to the gym. There are plenty of activities in our daily lives that require strength, flexibility or stamina. Many of us participate in functional fitness regularly—that is, fitness that can keep our energy levels up and help us complete our daily tasks […]

Personal training for seniors: It’s never too late to start your fitness journey

Regular exercise can do wonders for your mind and body. No matter what your age, partaking in regular physical activity can aid in a better range of movement, improved mood and most importantly, regular exercise can help to stave off chronic conditions that come with ageing. According to the Victorian Department of Health, the recommended […]

How Can Personal Training Help People with Injuries and Physical Limitations?

If you are having a hard time recovering, you’ve probably considered hiring a personal trainer if you’ve had physical restrictions or past or recent injuries. Physical therapy may appear to be the sole option for many people. However, only a few people are aware that personal trainers can also assist their members in overcoming physical […]

The Role of Rest and Recovery in Personal Training

No one can deny the significance of training for maximizing athletic improvement and performance. Whether you lift weights at the gym or like taking strolls around the neighborhood, exercising can help you stay physically fit while also improving your health. If you are consistently exercising and wondering why you are not losing weight, gaining strength, […]

What Leads to a Workout Plateau?

Everybody has been there before. You are always in the gym, eating all the right food, lifting weights, and staying consistent with your healthy lifestyle. However, as time passes, you realise that you are not progressing as quickly as you once did. It is common for all levels of gym goers to bump into a […]