Minerals. What, why and where do they come from?

Last week we discussed the micronutrient Vitamins and their important role in our bodies and where we can find them. This week we will cover Minerals, the other main micronutrient we need to survive. Again, the best source of minerals is from WHOLE FOODS. However, it’s vitally important that these whole foods are grown / […]

Why exercise is good for your bones

There are many reasons to work out.  People talk a lot about how exercising regularly can help your heart and lungs work better, make you stronger, and keep you at a healthy weight. Many hail it as an activity that can prevent diseases like diabetes and heart disease, which of course are all correct! We […]

Vitamins. What, why and where do they come from?

Vitamins are micronutrients that come in many forms and are vital to all metabolic processes in our bodies such as growth, repair, digestion, assisting with producing energy transfer, our nervous system and our immunity. One of their most important roles is as what’s called a co-enzyme. A co-enzyme works with other nutrients in the process […]

4 Scientifically Proven Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

Do you want to make your once-a-week muscle class or weekend spin workout more regular? Maybe you are among those who want to sweat more frequently but struggle to find the exercise desire to make fitness a part of everyday life. Conventional wisdom hasn’t been instrumental in determining how to get into the rhythm and […]

Effective ways to commit better to exercising

We are all aware that the challenging part of staying fit isn’t finishing your routine but rather getting started. After all, saying you’ll stick to a workout routine is one thing; really doing it is another. Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done to hold yourself accountable for your workouts. Your objective of going to the […]

How Alcohol Affects Your Fitness Goals

effect of alchol

The effects of alcohol on our inhibitions are well-known, and it leads to bad dietary choices such as late-night pizzas and greasy breakfast. While some swear by sweating off a hangover, the day after a big night out, you may well not be ready to even get out of bed, much less even hit the […]

How to Build Muscle Effectively

building muscles

Building muscle is a wonderful way to help reduce the onset of aging related issues like osteoporosis and dementia and also enhance your physical appearance and efficiency. Not only that, but muscles also stabilize your bones and joints and lower your risk of injury in everyday life. Most people, however, are unsure how to go […]

Welcoming the New Year with a healthy perspective

weight loss - healthy perspective

Every January, it’s unavoidable that the new year brings with it New Year’s resolutions. Often, such include items and actions that have something to do with weight loss, training more or getting fit.  Research suggests there is a relationship between gaining and losing weight frequently and unfavourable health consequences. They include having numerous effects on […]

Your Personal Guide to Exercise and Plant-based Eating

Nowadays, more and more people are becoming conscious of the concept of sustainability. Interestingly, the idea does not only apply to natural, social, and economic resources. No doubt all of these are big ideas that affect everyone.  But one specific aspect of sustainability that is gaining the attention of many people is plant-based eating. Many […]

Personal Trainers Can Help You Towards Mindful Eating

mindful eating

Many people think that working out is a free pass to eat anything you want. The common perception is that you may stuff your face, even with junk food, as long as you exercise. It is as if physical movement can negate all the sugar and processed foods you take in. But this is not […]