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8 Reasons Why Everyone Should Start Exercising

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We already know that exercising regularly will significantly help you in becoming the best version of you. Some of us, however, are unaware that moving our bodies has benefits beyond just the physical. The number one personal trainer in Bentleigh East outlines some of the top reasons below:  

#1 Makes you feel incredibly better 

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, which means it helps our bodies send messages between nerve cells. Moreover, it is a chemical that helps us feel good in general. In contrast, low dopamine levels are linked to reduced motivation and decreased enthusiasm for things that would excite most people.

Moderate aerobic activity has been related to an increase in dopamine levels in the body. It was found that with each decade, adults lose up to 13% of their dopamine receptors. This loss causes people to appreciate ordinary pleasures less, and physical activity can help to avoid this.

If you are truly dedicated to releasing these chemicals, you can also do so by getting enough sleep, eating protein-loaded food, and meditating. 

#2 More motivation to do other things 

In most cases, the most challenging part of the fitness journey is starting. Refer to my post earlier this week Most of us cannot simply find the motivation to work out, let alone continue. Getting your exercise done, especially at the beginning of your day, will supply you with the willpower and drive to carry out other tasks as well. It is well documented that training before work allows you to be more productive that day!

Moreover, people get more motivation once they see progress in their overall goals. This single accomplishment will lead to more and more achievements in the long run. 

#3 Increases your perceived energy levels 

Regular exercise will increase and improve your endurance. While working out can be very tiring, it will improve your cardiovascular fitness, your cognitive ability, your alertness and potentially assist with that midafternoon slump!  As a result, you will acquire the energy to go about your day without feeling too miserable. Additionally, you also get to work more efficiently as doing physical movements ultimately boosts your cell’s powerhouse in the brain.

It is widely believed that depression causes you to be constantly drained and unproductive. If you’re searching for a way to improve your mood throughout the day, exercising can help. In the long run (no pun intended 😊), if you stay consistent with your routine, you will see a significant positive change in your character and mood and mind set. 

#4 Boosts your self-esteem 

Your goal of working out should not just be for the purpose of seeing physical results. Instead, you should also consider the benefits you receive regarding self-image or how you perceive yourself. You begin to believe in yourself more as you achieve the goals you have set for yourself. In exchange, you become an unstoppable machine that everyone wants to be around or follow.

Doing things, you have never done before, like trying a new workout or deciding to lift heavy weights, will also give you the drive to try new things outside of fitness. 

#5 Reduce stress levels 

Endorphins are analgesics, which indicates that they reduce pain perception. Furthermore, they lower discomfort and suffering while increasing pleasure. These chemicals are typically released 20-30 minutes into your exercise routine. People who exercise regularly call this feeling euphoric and sometimes even refer to it as a “runner’s high.” 

Moreover, moving your body even via moderate exercises will loosen some tensions you have attained from work and school. Allotting time to improve your strength or flexibility will give you that time of day to forget about your worries and focus on other things. Even just going out of your home and walking within your neighborhood for ten minutes to get some fresh air will do wonders. 

#6 Bring out your adventurous side 

Outdoor workouts specifically introduce you to more physical activities you may have never tried before. It is indeed an excellent way to switch things up in your monotonous routine. Moreover, many people are more enthusiastic to repeat an outdoor exercise compared to those in the gym. Training outdoors has also been proved to increase your immune system as well as training outdoors in a colder climate has proven to burn up to 30% more calories than the same workout indoors!

When you step out of your home, you realize that there is a whole world waiting for you. Hiking, canoeing, cycling, swimming, and various other physical activities offer great options for a fun exercise. Furthermore, you also get to test your limits and face your fears when you start going on more adventures.

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#7 Regulate a more positive behaviour 

Serotonin is another neurotransmitter that aids in the promotion of happy emotions as well as prosocial conduct. In addition to that, it can also assist in the improvement of your appetite and sleep patterns. Low levels of this chemical will eventually lead to constant anxiety, irritability, and even a lower appetite. 

Other ways to increase your serotonin besides exercises include eating oatmeal or whole-wheat snacks, pineapples, salmon, etc. Moreover, taking dietary supplements and probiotics are also good practices to consider. 

#8 Improved social skills

Physical health and exercise aid in developing essential abilities such as communication, conflict resolution, and coordination with the people around you. For instance, you can opt for small group personal training sessions with friends or just a simple walk in the park with your dog. Another good example is participating in team sports in your school or neighborhood. Team sports offer chances to boost self-esteem, support good eating habits, and promote positive lifestyle choices.

For children, especially, sports or exercise will supply them with social responsibility and involvement. Furthermore, kids will also develop a sense of belonging in the community.  

Understanding the advantages of exercise beyond the physical effects is essential for developing habits that will last even when desire declines. Although it is fantastic to watch yourself slowly gain some muscle and lose weight through proper exercises, the mental and psychological benefits make the journey even more worth it.