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7 signs that show you need a Personal Trainer

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Every year many of us make resolutions to lose weight, be healthier and or fitter. However, most of the time, we do not reach our fitness goals. Maybe it is time for you to contact someone like MoveWell Health and Fitness personal training in Murrumbeena so you can finally reach the body that you dream of.

Personal trainers are there to guide, motivate, and lead you to exercise and lifestyle habits so you can be a healthier version of yourself. Remember, fitness is not something you achieve overnight. It requires commitment, dedication, and passion. 

We also know that doing it alone is hard. That is why fitness professionals recommend hiring a professional to help you be more fit. When you have someone who understands what you are going through, s/he can show you the way to your overall wellbeing.

Here are signs that show hiring a personal trainer will be beneficial for you:

1. You do not know where to begin in your health journey.

What’s good about a personal trainer is that s/he is trained to help people no matter where they are in their fitness journey. If you are someone who is just starting out, the process can be intimidating. Going to the gym alone might be hard. A professional will answer all your questions and will help you with every step. You do not need to feel embarrassed at all because everyone starts somewhere. 

Your personal trainer will be able to assess where you are in terms of your current health and fitness. With that information, s/he will design an appropriate program so you can build slowly. In the world of fitness, you must start small. Remember, slow is fast. You are not competing against anyone. So do not feel pressured right away.

2. You have tried many times to achieve your fitness goals in the past but you aren’t getting anywhere.

Maybe you have done a lot of workouts in the past. You have already experienced and experimented with different exercises that you have seen on the Internet demonstrated by the ripped muscular Instagram personality you follow. But despite all your previous efforts, you have not seen significant improvements in your physique. The advantage of having a personal trainer is that you have someone who can assess what you are doing right. S/he will be able to check as well on the things that need improvement. 

Often, when we work out alone, we think copying what we see online is enough. However, we all have different bodies and goals. So, you need someone who can guide you with your habits or exercises that will best contribute to your goals and not waste your valuable time.

3. You are starting to lose motivation and are thinking of quitting.

Many people start out strong, however in 2 or 3 weeks the novelty wears off and the excuses to miss a training session here or there start popping up. It’s at this time your PT will notice these mind shifts and carefully guide you back on track. It can take upwards of 2 months for your motivation to turn into a habit. It’s at this point, when your habit has formed, it gets a little easier to commit to your weekly training routine. So, it is necessary, no matter what stage you are in, to have someone knowledgeable who will motivate you. A personal trainer’s job is to assess your progress and know how much more you can give. They will push you when needed and they can inspire as well during the times when you feel like giving up.

4. You are trying to recover from an injury.

A great Personal Trainer has completed at least a base qualification and continues to educate themselves to keep abreast of the ever-changing science of health and fitness to remain competent in their field. Some of them are also experts in helping injured clients recover faster. Also, most PT’s will have a vast network of allied health professionals within their network that they can refer you to should your injury or concern be outside of their scope of practice.

Since they know a lot about the body and how it works, they can show you which specific exercises will strengthen your muscles and help you heal faster. They can also provide advice on what types of workouts you need to avoid so as not to aggravate your injury.

The tendency when we are alone is to base everything on what we feel or look up on Google. LOL . But our feelings and Dr Google, can sometimes be deceiving. So, we still need the help of professionals when we are working out after an accident or an injury.

5. Your training plan does not seem to be working.

Part of the expertise of a PT is designing the correct workout plan that is based on your goals, current skill level, lifestyle, age, and health. This is not something you can just get on templates via the Internet. When you have a customized routine, it is more likely that you will see results faster.

6. You tend to give up easily in your workout sessions.

A good personal trainer knows your limits. An excellent one will be able to spot your excuses as well. They know when you really cannot go further and when you just do not feel like working out.

When they feel that you can still lift heavier weights or do more repetitions, they will push you. It is their job to make you realize how strong you really are as well. You may hate them during the workout as they push you. But when you finally see the results, you will thank them in the end.

7. You are preparing for a competition.

It is well documented that athletes whether they are field based or endurance athletes like runners, cyclists or swimmers need to improve their strength with the aid of resistance training mainly during their off season to help prepare for the next season of competition. Without proper guidance, instead of improving, they might even get injured or see a reduction in performance. With the help of a PT, the athlete can focus on specific muscle groups and motions that will improve their overall performance. 

If you could relate to one or more of the items in our list above, get in contact with businesses like MoveWell Health and Fitness personal training in Murrumbeena. The trainers there are equipped to help you with your fitness goals.